Teachers Who are Competent in Teaching Edmodo Applications

Teachers Who are Competent in Teaching Edmodo Applications. — Edmodo is a social media platform, similar to Facebook, but with more applicable education functions [37]-[39]. Edmodo provides a safe and easy way for teachers and student to connect, collaborate, share learning content, and access tasks, grades, school announcements, also provide effective feedback and motivate student [40],[41].

The advantages of Edmodo compared with other social media are (1) the class participants selected by teachers so it is limited, (2) for login needs passwords made by teachers, (3) only registered ones can share learning resources, (4) the Edmodo sites can be accessed from school and outside the school free of charge, (5) closed for those who are not registered as participants / students, (6) Edmodo does not allow delivery of messages between students, (7) Edmodo designed for learning with a neat and better system [42].

Edmodo is no different from other learning media, which is a media that encourages teachers and participants to engage actively and creatively in collaborative learning and knowledge and can guide the student to be responsible for their learning activities. Besides that, Edmodo is also easy to learn for  beginner teachers, especially those who new to technology. Edmodo was developed based on the principles of groupbased class management and social media. Its main feature is the active support for online media communication model, teaching materials, and evaluation. The features used can match the learning needs.

The successful use of the application during Edmodo training is also determined by (1) motivation, (2) individual attitudes and occupational factors (3) open-minded about trainers and trainees (4) psychological stage of trainees (5) type of training implementation, its content and skills (6) self-efficacy, perceived control and basic capabilities [43].

Based on the Edmodo Application’s User Manual

Although instructions for using the application actually available in the help Edmodo center, beginners may find the application a bit difficult. Beginners are more interested in using directions from the direct guide (teacher). This is because the user can ask directly when having difficulty, so quickly and easily to get answers from the difficulties experienced. In addition, it requires a module or book that leads in sequence and coherence, accompanied by its procedural sentence and which image should be clicked. Thus if the guide does not exist the user will be able to practice the application by itself.

The use of simple language is also required in the guide. Language will be an obstacle for the user if they cannot understand the meaning of the sentence written in the guide, although the instructions on the use of the guides are clearly detailed.

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Therefore the systematics writing instructions is necessary for beginners starting from the most simple, basic and easy application to complex, advanced and difficult applications. The use of easy-to-understand writing styles and avoids excessive use of language that will ultimately  make it difficult for users to use them.

The guide for beginners may be more beneficial to users in the form of a printout. The commands/instructions are also presented along with the step-by-step procedure informing what the functions of the menu are, and the functions of each section, not just how to use them. Teachers should also think for students with special needs (weak vision, color blindness, other physical defects) how to use the app. The use of attractive paper and color can impress motivation and courage to use the app.

The use of fonts and images will help clarify the purpose. Information should be presented in hierarchy manner and the important parts should be also distinguished (bold, slash, color). It is necessary to provide contact numbers that can be contacted when having difficulty.

The function of the feature (in basic practical terms) is explained in detail as well as in the instructions on how to use it and this function should describe the symbols, icons, and initial codes. Instructions should avoid the impression of patronizing the user. Do not assume that the user has prior experience or product knowledge. Write it in the present tense and the active form. Arrange interesting and consistent layouts. Such a guide is expected to make it easier for novice students. Furthermore, product testing is required to test the success of the guide to work optimally.

Guided by Teachers Who are Competent in Teaching Edmodo Applications

hing appropriate learning materials [25]. Someone who possesses above average intelligence may more quickly acquire an understanding of the contents being learned than others who have normal intelligence. However, not everyone who has intelligence above the average is able to deliver learning content that is easily accepted by the student. Ideally, a clever person will also be easy in delivering any material for the student. Therefore it takes certain skills in delivering the learning materials, in order to  get maximum results when delivering the materials.

As a teacher in teaching Edmodo applications must have mastered the contents of the application start from login to logout or in other words must have a hard skill about Edmodo. But teachers should also have a good soft skill to get optimum output. The personality of a teacher will have an enormous impact on the success of a lesson. Teachers’ personalities are visible from the outside, including appearance.

Appearance in a neat, polite, elegant dress can create an interesting impression for the student. A friendly greeting, shaking hands, always asking “what can be helped?”, “What else cannot be understood?”, “Who else wants to ask?”, Will provide a sense of comfort for the student to brainstorm. Another behavior that can provide a sense of nurturing, guiding and motivating for the success of the student is the use of good language which is also closely related to the success in the learning process [44]. The personality which is not visible from the outside is sincerity, empathy, sincere intention, tolerance, responsibility, and others that will bring success to the work.

Teachers should patiently begin to guide beginners from turning on a computer or laptop device, log on to the Edmodo website and log in. There are three types of users: login as a student, teacher or parent. In this case, the participants are directed to log in to pupils/students. Students are directed to see the step by step and the sequence as written in the manual.

If there are students who are really still confused, teachers should remind or only show steps they have not passed, try not to point directly to the solution. Thus students will feel appreciated, discover something new, easy, brave and motivated. In this course, the teacher must have thought about the sequence of materials from the easy to the complex that must be done by students. In addition, teachers are also required to anticipate the heterogeneity of participants from age, gender, socio-economic background and education, learning objectives, infrastructure facilities and the number of participants and time for delivery/ learning to take place.

In normal times (especially in the morning at school hours) the delivery goes well, but if in the afternoon of course not as maximal in the morning. If the learning is done in the afternoon with less eager students, teachers should use different strategies and methods. The tireless spirit of teachers will be able to generate motivation for student [45].

Teacher’s attitude factor towards the use of technology, pedagogical competence, encouragement to teachers to use technology in their teaching, upgrading teacher’s ICT skills, confidence in using ICT, teacher’s academic qualifications, have specialist ICT teacher’s be able to influence success using ICT in teaching and learning [46]. Therefore good steps to teach Edmodo are as follows: mastering the material content, having an interesting personality, having good pedagogic skills, having passion in motivating, applying the right strategy and method, sorting material from easy to the complex, and has a clear and complete guide book.


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