Primary School Teacher Qualification; The Essential Things

Introduction: Primary school teacher qualification requires you not only to have a formal academic degree but also to understand the job descriptions. So, what to do first?



How to become an excellent primary school teacher? Primary school teacher qualification requires you not only to have a formal academic degree but also to understand the job descriptions. Primary school teachers should engage children from around 5 to 12 years old with the learning process. 

Primary school teachers spend most of their time developing the students’ numeracy and literacy skills. At the same time, they need to foster emotional, social, and physical growth. To be a reliable teacher, here are some essential things that you can do. 

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Make Sure You Have A Qualified Teacher Status

The first step to reaching your dream to become a primary school teacher is to study well through formal and informal programs related to the job. Here are some ways to get the knowledge you need.

  • Completing an Undergraduate Education Degree

Many countries require people to have an undergraduate education degree before applying as teachers. So, completing a degree in Primary Education (Bachelor of Primary Education) will let you learn about the knowledge needed to engage young learners in primary school and teach a full range of subjects.

If you think you need to know more, pursuing a postgraduate degree as a Master of Education specializing in Primary Education is the right decision. After getting a formal degree, register yourself to the Teacher Registration Authority.

  • Taking Teacher Training Courses

Sometimes, a bachelor’s or master’s degree is not enough when it comes to an understanding of the needs of students. Therefore, you can consider taking a primary teacher training course. There are two types of recommended courses you can try, as explained below:

  • University-led Initial Teacher Training

Some universities hold teacher training programs periodically, and you can register yourself to join some of them. The university will provide thematic courses, and some of them may help you to get in-school experience.

  • School-led Initial Teacher Training

If you have been accepted to work as a primary school teacher, the school can arrange some teacher training programs for you and the other teachers in the institution. 

  • Getting Some Experience

Teachers prepare lesson plans, assess and evaluate the students’ progress, facilitate them to learn, but what is next? There are more things to do as a teacher. To know more primary school teacher job description, you should get some experience. 

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You can apply as a teaching assistant to know more about the criteria of a good teacher. You can observe how a primary school teacher works daily and develop your skill in handling the tasks and taking care of the students. 

Find Out the Essential Skills and Attitude to Meet the Criteria

To make sure you do well in handling primary school teacher jobs, you need to develop some skills and attitudes to meet the criteria. An excellent primary teacher should:

  1. Have an excellent communication ability, especially when he/she talks to the children, parents, and fellow teachers.
  2. Be patient and calm most of the time. It is essential to know how to handle the pressure.
  3. Be productive and efficient problem solvers. Complaining about every little thing that happens around you will not make you a reliable teacher. 
  4. Be consistent and committed.

Keep Learning, Be the Best Primary School Teacher 

After all, being an excellent primary school teacher is a long-term process. So, learning continuously, developing skills while enjoying the time with the children are crucial things to do as a teacher. Be sure not to miss any opportunity to train yourself about a new method or technology which will be useful for the teaching and learning process. 

Those are some information about primary school teacher qualification. Do you want to pursue your dream of being an awesome teacher? 


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