5 Top Reasons for the Educational Technology Importance

5 Top Reasons for the Educational Technology Importance

Description: In this digital age, educational technology importance can never be underestimated. It shapes the face of personalized distance learnings and benefits everyone.


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In the age of digital revolution, the utilization of technology to accelerate the learning process is unavoidable. Amidst all of the pros and cons, understanding educational technology importance gives a sense of direction on why it comes to term now. Thanks to those creative brains who put effort into making it works.

Educational technology (or mostly shortened as EdTech) is now an on growing industry that achieves a rapid milestone. Even in 2017 alone, the number of global investments in this field reached up to USD 8.5 billion. Here are 5 top reasons why EdTech is a matter, and none could put aside the importance of it.

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  1. It Promotes an Interactive Learning. One of the most challenges in a knowledge transfer is how to make a student feels engaged with the subject. It gets even more challenging as some students have an issue with a shorter attention span. The benefits of educational technology are by solving this problem by creating immersive interactive learning.For example, old-fashioned history teaching can feel daunting and not relevant. However, how if a student can visit a virtual museum and start to explore the ancient civilizations? The interactive learning turns out as addictive, and students will keep coming back as they’re in a flow state of curiosity.
  2. Helps Teacher to Create an Innovative Lesson Plan. Gen Z may be entitled to their nature as digital natives since technology is an inherent part of their lives. Hence, one of the most valuable teaching skills nowadays is an adaptation to technology. It may take some time for a teacher to deal with all of the software and tools, but in return, it is a definite game-changer.Along with all of the learning software and apps, it is now easier for any teachers to develop an innovative lesson plan. The possibilities can be limitless as inspirations and fresh ideas from the internet are abundant. There’s no doubt when it comes to the importance of technology in the classroom.
  3. Enables Personalized Distance Learning. Every student is born differently and unique to each other. It will be such a massive waste of time to teach them conventionally. The rise of EdTech provides the opportunity for students to learn at their own pace. They can also choose what topics they want to go deeper. For example, if a student has the interest to learn a foreign language, they can use Duolingo or other similar apps and sign up in any course they want. It even reduces the cost of having to attend an in-class course and buying textbooks.
  4. Shifting Teacher-Student Relations. Forget the mundane concept of one-way teaching, where the teacher feeds the student with all of the theories and trivia stuff. Technology has played a role in making interpersonal communication way less awkward.A teacher is best described now as an education facilitator that makes the learning process becomes more fun, meaningful, and engaging. Especially in an uncertain time where direct teaching is not possible, the use of technology in education comes to solve, not to disrupt.
  5. Bettering the Evaluation System. One of the most visible positive outcomes of EdTech is how it has changed the testing and evaluation system. When automation takes charge, the teacher can monitor the student progress in real-time. It applies as well for any assessment activity, where it becomes more efficient and accurate in the scoring process.

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Aside from those 5 reasons, Educational Technology does help in boosting students’ creativity as they now create videos and animation for their assignments. Also, in a recent pandemic era, it even plays a more significant role in supporting students to learn without leaving their house. 

With all of those benefits, there’s no doubt that educational technology importance matters to every learner. Eventually, it has shaped the face of schooling in the digital age.







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