5 Must Try Educational Technology Tools for Student

Description: Educational technology tools for student has made the learning process feel engaging and fun. Discover 5 well-developed software that has improved student lives


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Educational technology (EdTech) has shaped the face of learning in the digital era with its limitless possibility. Teachers praised it for its versatility in many contexts, and students do embrace it, for it gives them a whole new level of experience. Educational technology tools for student are a definite gem.

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Software developers have collaborated with educational experts, schools, and higher institutions to create the novel digital learning tools. A lot of students have used them regularly and send positive feedback as they get the benefits. So, here are 5 EdTech tools that have forever changed the way students learn.

  1. Edmodo. Imagine a social media-alike platform that enables students to connect with their teachers and classmates at fingertips. That’s how Edmodo comes up with the idea of building a learning ecosystem that’s not only inclusive but also interactive. Students will feel a sense of connectedness, even with distance learning.Edmodo has many incredible features, such as class folders and also a built-in planner. It makes the students feel less stressed and overwhelmed. Students can also instantly message the teachers or even ask help from classmates whenever they encounter a problem.
  2. Google Arts and Culture. There is more to Google other than what we have been getting familiar with all this time. Google Arts and Culture is one of the educational technology apps that enrich student’s experience to explore art collections from many parts of the world. Visit the Van Gogh museum or zoom-in Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait art pieces.Learning arts and history will never feel the same anymore, and even it can be very addictive. This platform does offer a musical tour that, at the same time, introduces students to various world music virtuosos from the past centuries. Here’s when technology promotes artistic intelligence instead of hindering it.
  3. Great Big Story. Curiosity is the driving factor that makes a learning process feel adventurous, and it becomes the very core trait of a lifetime learner. Answering the demand of all curious students, Great Big Story brings knowledge, facts, and stories in an easy-to-access package. It promotes optimism on how amazing this humankind is.Most of the contents come in short-video forms and bite-sized articles. Everyone can dive into it through their official websites, mobile apps, and even YouTube account. Learn further how an astronaut’s life looks, or how do Japanese farmers grow white strawberries and cubed watermelon.
  4. Hemingway Editor.Writing is a practical skill that contributes a lot to a student’s journey, and it becomes one of the greatest assets in the future. Most students find it very intriguing to master English writing, no matter if they are native speakers or not. Here’s why Hemingway Editor is now available to help students in language lessons.Just copy and paste your writing pieces, and the tool will highlight any grammatical errors, passive voices, and complicated sentences. This kind of artificial intelligence machine is the best assistance to learn how to achieve bold and precise writing. Surely, everyone needs to write out in their best possible way.
  5. Matific. Math is no longer a nightmare, thanks to the development of Matific as they gamify math like none ever did before. This example of innovative teaching tools is suitable for children from ages 4 to 11 and comes in an experimental game. Matific utilizes daily settings and ordinary objects to teach basic mathematical concepts.Studies have proven that learning math using Matific for at least 15 minutes a week will foster a child’s problem-solving skill and critical thinking. Here’s to welcoming the era where learning math is enjoyable and engaging.

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So, these are 5 educational technology tools for student that help in facilitating a better learning experience. As much as students love them, teachers will be forever thankful too as now they’re having a lot of useful tools to develop creative teaching. Hopefully, you find any insights from this information and want to give them a try!










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