8 Educational Websites for Teachers to Light Up Your Class

Introduction: Here is a list of great educational websites for teachers that will help you to conduct interesting activities in class. Be sure to check them out.


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Teachers have so many tasks to do in a day that it needs extra energy to find the best resources online that can help them to develop. Meanwhile, there are countless websites that claim to provide complete educational content. Therefore, here is a list of great educational websites for teachers that you can visit when you need new insight before going to the class.

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So, sit back and relax behind your laptop. Save your time by finding the best material on the trustworthy websites below.

  1. Khan Academy. Khan Academy provides powerful tools to help teachers identify what students need. The trusted contents are free for teachers and learners. There are many videos of implementation strategies; including in-class practice, how to give useful homework, plans to engage and motivate students, and many more. Khan Academy offers various contents in Mathematics, but also has some in science, economics, and many more.
  2. Scholastic.com. If you are trying to find educational websites for teachers’ lesson plans, Scholastic.com is the right answer. It has various sites to engage students, simplify lesson planning, involve their families in learning, and keep the classroom running smoothly. There are Scholastic Teachables for lesson plans, Book Wizard for the classroom library, Scholastic Book Clubs, and many more.
  3. Common Sense Media. If you think you need to use media, such as movies, games, or apps, you should check it before bringing them to the class. Save your time by accessing teacher-created reviews in Common Sense Media. The website has countless tips and recommendations on the best teaching tools and resources.
  4. TED-Ed. If you are familiar with TED Talks on YouTube, it is time to check one of the educational websites for students and Teacher, ed.ted.com. Here you can discover ideas on how to engage, motivate, and spark the curiosity of learners. You can create customized lessons and inspire the students to think critically and share their innovative ideas.
  5. Open Educational Resources (OER). Do you need to collaborate with educators around the world? Join groups that provide a flexible environment to share and organize resources. Create and explore fantastic educational resources to improve the curriculum in your school by joining the OER at oercommons.org. OER provides many videos with supporting materials that you can use in the classroom.
  6. Readwritethink.org Readwritethink is one of the complete literacy websites for teachers that provides classroom resources; such as lesson plans and teaching media (cards, video, high-quality power points, comic strips, and many more). Make your class fun using various media from the website and find free teacher resources printables here.
  7. CK12. CK12.org has teaching and learning materials for various subjects that you can easily download anytime. It provides teaching books called FlexBooks, a selection of digital textbooks and interactive content you can use to develop teaching skills. The website helps teachers to organize their online or offline classrooms with automatic grading and reporting.
  8. Super Teacher Worksheet. If you want to increase your students’ literacy skills, visit superteacherworksheets.com. The website provides worksheets on graded reading comprehension, English grammar, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics. There are puzzles and brain teasers you can use to engage students in fun learning activities.

After all, each educational website has different content to provide. Invest some time to explore them and find high-quality lesson plans, education videos, and entertaining games. Help your students to learn not only about subject knowledge but also problem-solving skills.

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Next time when you have time to explore new things on the internet, do not forget to check the educational websites for teachers above. Improving the students’ motivation to learn and engaging them in the classroom is easier if you use interactive media and creative lesson plans.






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