Learning on Knives, if Often Sharpened, it Will Often be Used

Learning on Knives, if Often Sharpened, it Will Often be Used. — If someone is going to cut something then it takes the best sharp objects. One of these sharp objects is a knife. A common knife is used to cut small objects, soft objects, and of course objects that are around the house. Also, the knife is used for kitchen activities and cooking.

If we look at the knife it will be in our minds that it is a sharp object, a very dangerous object, and not a toy object. The blade of the knife greatly speeds up the cutting process and all the work using sharp objects can be accelerated.

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If a person often uses a knife, it certainly must be often sharpened, because the knife if continuously used will be fast blunt, especially when cutting little hard objects. If the knife is often sharpened, its sharpness will be continuously maintained, and will surely be used frequently.

If the knife we make a parable then as a human, whatever our capabilities and competence, must always be sharpened continuously, in other languages must be trained in the ability, to stay awake and continue to evolve our capabilities. Skills and skills are capable and evolving, will be used continuously, will not disappear, kalua in the term knife then it will not rust.

As a human being benefits to someone else is done, because as good as a human being is a beneficial person for others. Like a knife, if it is continuously sharpened, it will be beneficial to use.